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Indian Bullfrog

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Vomerine teeth in two strong oblique series commencing from the inner anterior angle of the choanae; lower jaw with two not very prominent bony processes in front.

Ornate narrow-mouthed frog

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This is a very widespread species, occurring through most of South Asia, including Sri Lanka. It occurs up to 2,000m asl. The boundary between this species and Microhyla fissipes is not clear, but has been arbitrarily set at the western border of Myanmar

Bombay Bush Frog

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Amboli Leaping Frog

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This frog is frog endemic to the Western Ghats of India.

CEPF Burrowing Frog

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Malabar gliding frog

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This species is widely distributed in the Western Ghats of India. It is an arboreal species of tropical moist evergreen forest, deciduous forest, secondary (disturbed) forest and coffee plantations. It is present in the lower canopy and understorey levels of the forest. It breeds in vegetation overhanging ponds, and the tadpoles develop in the pools.

Sahyadri Cricket Frog

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Wide-spread Fungoid Frog

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Asian Grass Frog

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Himalayan Toad

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