Pangolin - World's most trafficked animal!

Pangolins are world's most trafficked mammal for their meet and for their keratin scales which are considered having medicinal properties. Habitat loss due to deforestation is further making their situation worst, causing a significant decrease in their numbers. Its high time to come together and increase awareness of the only scaled mammals.

NATURE WEB launches Indian Mammals app

PUNE, April 30, 2020 - Available today, the app Indian Mammals by NATURE WEB is one more feather in the cap. As name suggests - it covers most of the common species of mammals found in India, works in offline mode and is very easy to use as a field guide at hotspots. Download it now from Google Play store.

Son Ghanta - A rare spectacle within Western Ghats

Son Ghanta is an endemic & restricted to Western Ghats of Maharashtra state only. Because of its narrow range and extreme rarity, it has been assigned to the Critically Endangered category. The scientific name, Abutilon ranadei, for this endangered species was given after N. B. Ranade who died of the plague in 1897. Son Ghanta is a shrub 3-5 ft tall characterized by bell-like hanging (upside down) golden yellow flowers. The five petals are orange yellow, veined with purple. Leaves are alternately arranged, big, heart-shaped, long-pointed, with toothed margins.